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What is Brotox?

What is Brotox?

Dr. Cole Discusses:


Women have long been held to a higher standard than men when it comes to anti aging and maintaining a youthful appearance. The quintessential concept that men age gracefully, while women just age. Well no more, a new study in the Journal Cosmetic Dermatology found that the number of US men getting Botox injections is up over 250%.

The no downtime non-surgical injections offer men effective treatment of fine lines and wrinkles. Botox, short for Botulinum Toxin, is an injectable formula that temporarily paralyzes muscles that cause facial lines and wrinkles restoring a more youthful look.

Male patients today are looking for that competitive edge in both work and play and take pride in the way they look and feel. Men are taking better care of their skin at an earlier age using medicated skin care products and sun protection. Effective anti aging treatments like Botox and Injectable fillers are no longer reserved for women. Men too are taking charge of their appearance.

More men than ever are combating the effects of age with Botox and Injectable Fillers. Learn more about how it can help you by asking us at the Cole Clinic.

Will you give it a shot?