See What Our Patients Have To Say

Let us help you to Look as Young as You Feel.

“Dear Dr. Cole,

It is now one year since you changed my life. Literally, since I had my hair transplant, my life has changed. I am no longer worried if it’s windy, if I have brushed my hair carefully enough to disguise the thin areas or if the light is shining on my scalp. I have regained my former confidence and know that I look good!

I was impressed by the care & skill that you and your staff demonstrated. I knew at all times that I was in good hands.

I thank you and my hairdresser thanks you.”*

“I got sick and tired of being sick and tired, and took one of the most rewarding steps ever in my life. I made an appointment to see Dr. Cole at the Cole Clinic. I could tell by all the photos of Dr. Cole’s patients, that his work was terrific, but surgery, this was a big step. I think that the turning point for me was getting to know Dr. Cole and his staff. We discussed my options regarding the surgical procedure, the up side and the down side.

No more Captain Comb Over. I got my hair back, and it looks and feels great! Life is good. Thanks Dr. Cole and your top shelf staff.”*

“I would not hesitate to recommend your practice to anyone.”*

“Dr. Cole is not only a very good physician, but also an extremely personable one as well. As far as hair transplants go, I had surgeries at three other clinics and none of them compared to the Cole Clinic.”*

“I want to express my thanks to your and your professional staff for the wonderful attention and care that you provided. One comes away from it with a lot more than I expect. The genuine interest in the patient.”*

Re: Hair Transplant:

“I am so glad that I had my hair transplant and eyebrows done. It makes me feel much more self confident.

Dr Cole made me feel so comfortable that I fell asleep during the procedure. The staff were so gentle and attentive. Thank you Dr. Cole for being so pleasant.”*

“From the initial contact of your clinic, the “Team” has made this anxiety provoking event almost a pleasure.”*

“They have operated in a professional and warm manner. Additionally, they have answered all my questions and relieved my concerns.”*

“I’m very satisfied with the natural “look” – thank you for your good work.”*

“I just wanted to let you know that last week I was at a social function in Florida and someone took a picture of a group and they caught the back of my head in the picture. (I’ve had other pictures prior to the procedure and the bald spot showed) I am happy to say that I was glad to see that the picture showed me with a head of hair. Again thanks for a job well done.”*

*Individual results may vary – see Disclaimer for more information.