Scar Revision

Scar Revision

Improve the Appearance of Unsightly Scars

Hiding Scars resulting from a motor vehicle accident, infection, or burn can be hidden and transformed through hair transplantation.

Dr. Cole carefully places the grafts into the often very thin and scarred areas in the natural direction of the hair’s growth to eliminate, reduce, and hide the baldness area. When the hair is allowed to fall naturally, the area is improved and often completely concealed.*

In some cases, baldness can be significantly reduced or eliminated by removing the scar tissue and suturing the skin with healthy growing hair back together.*


Graft Repair

Before the advanced grafting techniques used today, hair transplants were often performed with plug-like unnatural looking results. It was often referred to as the “corn row” or “doll’s hair” look. Dr. Cole can improve the look of these older procedures for a natural looking result.*


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