Cole Hair Restoration for Women

Female Pattern Hair Loss

Hair loss is not Exclusive to Men. Millions of women suffer from Female Pattern Hair Loss and its emotional and self image effects can be devastating. Good News Female Hair Loss can be effectively Treated!

*Individual results may vary - see Disclaimer for more information.

Hair transplant for women

Hair Transplant Surgery

Approximately one third of all Hair Transplants are performed on Women with natural looking results. Hair Transplant surgery is the best way to restore hair in thinning or balding areas.*

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Medications for women


Minoxidil ( Rogaine) reinvigorates hair follicles prompting regrowth and thickening your existing hair. Easy to use and applied right onto the thinning and balding areas.*

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Laser light therapy for women

Laser Light Therapy

Low Level Light Laser Therapy is a proven way to treat hair loss. Laser Cap LcPRO is a non-surgical take home cap that delivers laser light energy to the scalp for fuller, thicker hair.*

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Stress management for women

Stress Management

Effectively managing stress can be crucial in the fight against Female Pattern Hair Loss. Stress and Anxiety management are a cornerstone of the Cole Clinic.

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Women's Hair Restorative


Cole Clinic’s Restorative Shampoo & Conditioner Is Formulated With All Natural Ingredients To Promote Hair Growth – Leaving You With Thick, Beautiful, Full Hair.*

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