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Dr Cole Discusses: How Exactly Does the Artas Robotic Hair Transplant Work?

Dr Cole Discusses: How Exactly Does the Artas Robotic Hair Transplant Work?

Dr. Cole Discusses:

How Exactly Does the Artas Robotic Hair Transplant Work?

The Artas Robotic Hair Transplant system is a state of the art image guided robotic system used to perform Follicular Unit Extraction hair transplant surgery. This is a doctor-assisted system precisely dissecting follicular units thousands of times in a single session for redistribution to balding and thinning areas of the scalp. The dissection process produces healthy robust graphs all the while maintaining the natural look of the donor area moreover the intelligent computer algorithms select the best hairs for harvesting.


This minimally invasive technique provides the patient with consistent and safe results. The Artas system was designed by Robotic Engineers and Hair Transplant surgeons to ensure safe and effective outcomes. The Artas system begins the Follicular Unit Extraction by digitally mapping your scalp, then identifying each follicular unit with its sophisticated imaging technology. The Robotic arm quickly and carefully harvests each follicular unit, which are then implanted into recipient sites in balding or thinning areas producing natural looking hair growth.

The Artas Hair Transplant is an outpatient procedure requiring only local anesthetic and is virtually painless. Some patients experience minor discomfort and swelling post procedure, which subsides in 1 to 3 days. Recovery time with the Artas Robotic procedure is less than with most surgical cosmetic procedures. Since there are no scalped incisions or stitches required with this procedure healing time is short and you can resume normal activities after a day or two.


The Artas Robotic Hair Transplant procedure is virtually undetectable after a week leaving no linear scar. Within 6-9 months patients will see a noticeable improvement and because it is the patient’s own hair growing it can confidently be worn at any length or style.

The Artas Robotic Hair Transplant FUE procedure is technology at its best restoring hair and restoring confidence.